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$434 later…

Going home from the vet
Originally uploaded by me.

I left Foxxi at the vet’s this morning to have x-rays. They gave her a sedative, and she was a bit groggy when we went to pick her up before dinner. The good news is that there are no obvious fractures. The bad news is that we need to prevent Foxxi from jumping around or getting agitated. Which, of course, is something she does every time the phone rings, someone walks by the house, etc.

We now have the baby gate back up at the top of the stairs, after a hiatus of about 8 years or so. (It’s the one piece of equipment we kept.)

In other news, Moon is getting her braces off next week.

gimpy pup

I was lying on the sofa this evening, with Foxxi on my lap, and she suddenly jumped off. I heard a *yelp!* that went on and on… Foxxi was crumpled over, holding up one of her front paws. Turbo screamed and rushed over. Finally, SpiritMan was able to hold the injured paw, and Foxxi quieted down.

I called the vet, and they said to keep an eye on the paw. If it’s swollen tomorrow, and Foxxi still favors it, I’ll need to bring her in for an x-ray.

In the meantime, she’s limping and pretty pitiful. We had to carry her outside to do her bidness, and she’s actually quite cheerful despite her obvious discomfort. Must be a dog thing. The kids got out a beanbag chair for her and moved her water dish so she wouldn’t have to exert herself getting a drink.

babies in the backyard

One of the advantages of having a reel mower is that when you run over a bunny nest, no one gets hurt. Pete found six babies huddled together in a shallow hole covered with a thatch of grass and fur. One of the bunnies hopped away and hid under our deck. I put on my garden gloves and tried to catch it, and eventually succeeded. I tried to put it back with its brothers and sisters, but the bunny had decided to face the world on its own.

At dusk, the mother returned, and the babies came out of their hole. Several more hopped to the bushes. This evening there are only two babies remaining. They are soooooooooooo incredibly cute that I can hardly stand it. I thought about them throughout the day, and they brought a smile to my face. I couldn’t wait to get home and have another peek at them.

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